IARIW-HSE 2019 Conference, Programme

Experiences and Future Challenges in Measuring Income and Wealth in CIS Countries and Eastern Europe

Special IARIW-HSE Conference, Moscow, Russia, September 17-18, 2019

Preliminary Conference Programme (as of June 28, 2019)

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17:00 Registration Opening

18:00-21:00 Reception for Keynote Speakers and Paper Givers (By Invitation Only)


8:00-18:00: Registration

8:15-8:45: Opening Remarks*

Marshall Reinsdorf (IARIW President),

Vladimir Sokolin (Head of Interstate Statistics Committee of the Commonwealth of Independent States)

Pavel Malkóv (Head of Federal State Statistics Service)

HSE RECTOR (not confirmed)

8:45-9:30 Keynote Speaker - Branko Milanovic (City University of New York, United States)*

"Changes in Worldwide Income Distribution and Their Political Effects" [Abstract]

9:30-11:00: Plenary Session 1: Income Inequality *

Chair: TBA

1) "Income Stratification in Modern Russia: Specifics and Dynamics"

Svetlana Mareeva (National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia)[Abstract]

Discussant: TBA

2) "The Distribution Impact of Taxes and Benefits in the Post-Soviet Countries"

Daria Popova (ISER, University of Essex, United Kingdom) and Mikhail Matytsin (World Bank, United States) [Abstract]

Discussant: TBA

3) "Inequality and Welfare Dynamics in the Russian Federation during 1994-2015"

Kseniya Abanokova (NRU HSE, Russia), Hai-Anh Dang (World Bank, United States), Michael Lokshin (World Bank, United States)and Maurizio Bussolo (World Bank, United States) [Abstract]

Discussant: TBA

11:00-11:15 Break

11:15-12:45: Plenary Session 2: Productivity and Growth*

Chair: TBA

1) "Productivity Trends in Russian Industries: Firm-Level Evidence"

Ann Tsvetkova (Bank of Russia)and Evgenia Bessonova (Bank of Russia and National Research University - Higher School of Economics, Moscow) [Abstract]

Discussant: TBA

2) "Labour Intensity and Global Productivity Slowdown in Europe and Russia"

Kirsten Jäger (FOM University Stuttgart, Germany)and Ilya Voskoboynikov (NRU HSE, Russia) [Abstract]

Discussant: TBA

3) "How Why Has Eastern Europe Lagged Behind The West For (At Least) Two Centuries? Long-Term Patterns of Economic Growth and Development in Central, East and South-East Europe Since 1800"

Matthias Morys (University of York, United Kingdom)[Abstract]

Discussant: TBA

12:45-13:45 Lunch

13:45-15:45: Concurrent Sessions 1A,1B

Concurrent Session 1A: System of National Accounts (SNAs)

Chair: TBA

1. "Digital Economy: Problems and Prospects of Accounting and Measurement in the System of National Accounts"

Alexander Abroskin (RANEPA, Russia). [Abstract]

Discussant: TBA

2. "Broader Use of SNA Framework and Monetary Statistics for Household Financial Balance Sheet Analysis"

Galina Vasilieva (Bank of Russia)and Elena Vasilieva (Bank of Russia). [Abstract]

Discussant: TBA

3. "GDP and Beyond: The Case Study of some Peer-to-Peer Households Transactions in Russia"

Simonova Marina (MGIMO-University, Russia). [Abstract]

Discussant: TBA

Concurrent Session 1B: Income Inequality

Chair: TBA

1. "Dynamics of Income Inequality in Poland from 2000 to 2015"

Alexis Tala (Wroclaw University of Economics, Poland)[Abstract]

Discussant: TBA

2. "Issues of Inequality Representation in Conditions of Deep Social Stratification"

Victor Kapitanov (Polyus Research Institute of MF Stelmakh JSC, Russia), Ivanova Anna (SI Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, Donetsk, Ukraine),and Alexandra Maximova (SI "Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics", Donetsk, Ukraine). [Abstract]

Discussant: TBA

3. "Inequality and Inclusive growth: Evidence from the Selected East European and CIS countries”

Suresh Aggarwal (Senior Fellow, University of Delhi, India).[Abstract]

Discussant: TBA

16:00-18:00: Concurrent Sessions 2A,2B

Concurrent Session 2A: Economic Growth and Productivity Growth

Chair: TBA

1. "The System Contribution of Intangible Assets to the Long-Term Growth of the Russian Economy"

Ksenia Bobyleva (NRU HSE, Russia)[Abstract]

Discussant: TBA

2. "Evidence for Middle-Income Trap Non-occurrence in the Light of KLEMS Growth Accounting in Poland"

Dariusz Kotlewski(Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) and Statistics Poland (GUS)). [Abstract]

Discussant: TBA

3. "Intermediate Inputs, Human Capital, Intangible Assets, and Economic Growth in Russia"

Ilya Voskoboynikov (National Research University Higher School of Economics, Russia), Eduard Baranov (National Research University Higher School of Economics,Russia), Vladimir Bessonov (National Research University Higher School of Economics, Russia), Dmitri Piontkovski (National Research University Higher School of Economics, Russia), and Elena Staritsyna (National Research University Higher School of Economics, Russia). [Abstract]

Discussant: TBA

4. "Widening Productivity Gap in the Russian Economy: Firm Level Analysis"

Evguenia Bessonova (Bank of Russia). [Abstract]

Discussant: TBA

5. "Growth and Productivity in Post Socialist Regimes: An India-Russia Comparison"

Deb Das (University of Delhi, India) and Abdul Erumban (The Conference Board, Brusells, Belgium). [Abstract]

Discussant: TBA

Concurrent Session 2B: Regional Analysis

Chair: TBA

1. "Beta-convergence of Russian Regions: Sectoral and Spatial Aspects"

Olga Demidova (NRU HSE, Russia)and Denis Prokopov (NRU HSE, Russia). [Abstract]

Discussant: TBA

2. "Analysis of the Development of the Automotive Cluster and its Impact on Economic Growth in Central and Eastern Europe Between 2013 and 2017"

Ildikó Riztlné Kazimir(Hungarian Central Statistical Office), Klaudia Máténé Bella(Hungarian Central Statistical Office), and András Pinkasz(Hungarian Central Statistical Office). [Abstract]

Discussant: TBA

3. "Spatial Externalities of Technological Innovation and Economic Growth"

Ekaterina Kadochnikova (Kazan Federal University, Russia). [Abstract]

Discussant: TBA

4. "Estimating a Comprehensive Model of Russian Regional Convergence"

Hartmut Lehmann (University of Bologna and CLMS, HSE, Russia), Aleksey Oszczepkov (CLMS, HSE, Russia), and Maria Giulia Silvagni (University of Bologna, Italy). [Abstract]

Discussant: TBA

18:15-19:45 Excursion to the Museum of the Russian Statistics Office (Rosstat)*

20:00 Dinner


8:30-10:00: Plenary Session 3: Purchasing Power Parity and Input-Output*

Chair: TBA

1) "PPP-based Stratification of CIS-EU/OECD Economies"

Andrey Kosarev (CIS-Stat, Russia) [Abstract]

Discussant: TBA

2) "Mapping GDP and PPPs at Sub-national Level Through Earth Observation in Eastern Europe and CIS Countries"

Giovanni Savio (UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, Chile) [Abstract]

Discussant: TBA

3) "Using Input-Output Tables to Measure the Potential for Service-Led Development in Formerly Transition Economies in Central-West Asia"

Valerie Mercer-Blackman (Asian Development Bank)and Mahinthan Mariasingham (Asian Development Bank) [Abstract]

Discussant: TBA

10:00-10:15: Break

10:15-12:15: Concurrent Sessions 3A,3B

Concurrent Session 3A: Well-being

Chair: TBA

1. "Gender Differences in Well Being: An Evaluation of CIS Countries"

Surajit Deb(Aryabhatta College, University of Delhi, India).[Abstract]

Discussant: TBA

2. "Assessment of the Population Welfare on the Basis of the Asset Index"

Nikita Ryabushkin (Siberian University of Consumer Cooperation, Russia).[Abstract]

Discussant: TBA

3. "Globalization and Well Being – A Comparative Study of East European and CIS Countries"

Ratan Ghosal (University of Calcutta, India). [Abstract]

Discussant: TBA

4. "A Comprehensive Analysis of Household Perspectives in Eastern European Countries of the EU"

Maria Kozina (Eurostat, European Commission)and Francesca Tartamella (Eurostat, European Commission). [Abstract]

Discussant: TBA

Concurrent Session 3B: Poverty

Chair: TBA

1. "Understanding Inequality and Poverty Trends in Russia"

Anastasiya Lisina (Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research and University of Luxembourg)and Philippe Van Kerm (Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research and University of Luxembourg). [Abstract]

Discussant: TBA

2. "Poverty and Income Inequality in Poland – Objective Measures and Social Perception"

Anna Szukielojc-Bienkunska (Statistics Poland) and Grazyna Marciniak (Statistics Poland). [Abstract]

Discussant: TBA

3. "Subjective Income Poverty and Equivalence Scales in Eastern vs. Western European Countries"

Martina Mysikova (The Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic), Tomas Zelinsky (The Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic), and Thesia Garner (Bureau of Labor Statistics, United States). [Abstract]

Discussant: TBA

4. "The Important Role of Equivalence Scales: Household Size, Composition, and Poverty Dynamics in Russia"

Hai-Anh Dang (World Bank, United States), Kseniya Abanokova (National Research University, Russia), and Michael Lokshin (World Bank, United States). [Abstract]

Discussant: TBA

12:15-13:15 Lunch

13:15-15:15: Concurrent Sessions 4A,4B

Concurrent Session 4A: System of National Accounts (SNAs)

Chair: TBA

1. "Keeping Up with the Novaks: Income distribution as a Determinant of Household Debt in CESEE"

Philipp Poyntner (Vienna University of Eocnomics and Business, Austria) and Mariya Hake (Oesterreichische Nationalbank, Austria) . [Abstract]

Discussant: TBA

2. "Institutions and Income Inequality in Transition Economies"

Dmitry Rudenko (University of Tyumen, Russia). [Abstract]

Discussant: TBA

3. "Income Inequality and Trust in National Governments in Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe"

Mariya Hake (Oesterreichische National Bank, Austria).[Abstract]

Discussant: TBA

4. "Does Weather Sharpen Income Inequality in Russia?"

Olga Popova (Leibniz Institute for East and Southeast European Studies (IOS), Germany) and Vladimir Otrachshenko (Leibniz Institute for East and Southeast European Studies, Germany). [Abstract]

Discussant: TBA

Concurrent Session 4B: Poverty and Wealth

Chair: TBA

1. "Measuring Inequality, Poverty, Growth and Welfare via the Use of Asset Indexes: The Case of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia"

Jacques Silber (Bar-Ilan University, Israel), Joseph Deutsch (Bar-Ilan University, Israel), Yongsheng Xu (Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA), and Guangha Wan (Fudan University, Shanghai, China). [Abstract]

Discussant: TBA

2. "Multidimensional Poverty in Russian Regions"

Sergey Kapelyuk (Siberian University of Consumer Cooperation, Novosibirsk, Russia). [Abstract]

Discussant: TBA

3. "Drivers of Changes in Income Inequality in Lithuania: The Role of Policy, Labour Market Structure, Returns and Demographics"

Nerijs Černiauskas (Bank of Lithuania and Vilnius University), Denisa Sologon (Luxembourg Institue of Socio-Economic Research), and Linas Tarasonis (Bank of Lithuania and Vilnius University) . [Abstract]

Discussant: TBA

4. "Differences in Wealth and Wealth Inequality Among the CEE Countries"

Katarzyna Salach (University of Warsaw, Poland) and Michal Brzezinski(University of Warsaw, Poland). [Abstract]

Discussant: TBA

15:15-15:30 Break

15:30-17:30 Closing Panel: "Improving the Measurement on Income and Wealth in the Official Statistics of the Region"*

19:00 Farewell Dinner and Boat Cruise

Thursday, SEPTEMBER 19

10:00-12:00 Post-Conference Event Book Presentation: "Understanding the Economic History of Eastern Europe and CIS Countries"

Chair: Professor Andrei Markevich (New Economic School)

Matthias Morys (University of York. United Kingdom)