IARIW - World Bank 2019 Conference, Programme

New Approaches to Defining and Measuring Poverty in a Growing World

Special IARIW-World Bank Conference, Washington, DC
November 7-8, 2019

Preliminary Conference Programme (as of August 12, 2019)

All sessions will be held at Convene (600 14th Street NW) with the exception of the reception and the conference dinner (Cosmos Club - 2121 Massachusetts Ave NW).


18:00-20:00: Reception (By Invitation Only) - Cosmos Club (2121 Massachusetts Ave NW)


9:00-9:15: Conference Opening, Senior World Bank Official and IARIW President

9:15-10:45: Plenary Panel on Poverty Trends and Measurement Methodology Issues

Dean Joliffe (World Bank)

Xavier Mancero (UN ECLA)

Trudi Reswick (U.S. Census Bureau)

10:45-11:00: Break

10:30-12:00: First Keynote Address

12:00-13:15: Lunch

13:15-15:15: Parallel Session 1A, 1B

Parallel Session 1A: Methods for Measuring Consumption and Poverty

Chair: TBA

1) "Measuring Poverty in Less Than 60 Minutes"

Utz Pape (World Bank), Tomoki Fujii (Singapore Management University) and Johan Mistiaen (World Bank) [Proposal]

Discussant: TBA

2) "Effects of Data Collection Methods on Estimated Household Consumption and Poverty, and on Survey Costs: Evidence from a Survey Experiment in the Marshall Islands"

John Gibson (Univesity of Waikato), Michael Sharp (Statistics for Development Divsion - Pacific Community), Bertrand Buffiere (Statistics for Development Division - Pacific Community) and Kristen Himelein (World Bank)[Proposal]

Discussant: TBA

3) "The Insights and Illusions of Consumption Measurement: Evidence from a Large Scale Randomization"

Erich Battistin (University of Maryland), Michele De Nadai (University of New South Wales) and Nandini Krishnan (World Bank) [Proposal]

Discussant: TBA

4) "Measuring Consumption in 12 Minutes: Lessons from a Field Experiment in Kenya"

Natalie Quinn (University of Oxford) [Proposal]

Discussant: TBA

Parallel Session 1B: Comparisons of Monetary and Multidimensional Poverty

Chair: TBA

1. "Comparing Global Trends in Multidimensional and Income Poverty and Assessing Horizontal Inequalities"

Francesco Burchi (German Development Institute (DIE)), Daniele Malerba (German Development Institute (DIE)), Nicole Rippin (German Development Institute (DIE)) and Claudio Montenegro (World Bank) [Proposal]

Discussant: TBA

2. "A Comparison of Income Poverty and Multidimensional Deprivation: Lessons Learned from the United States"

Shatakshee Dhongde (Georgia Institute Of Technology) [Proposal]

Discussant: TBA

3. "Relationships Between Monetary Poverty and MPI: Joint, Separate or Correlated Distributions?"

Martin Evans (ODI), Sabina Alkire (OPHI), Adriana Conconi (OPHI) and Ricardo Nogales (OPHI) [Proposal]

Discussant: TBA

4. "Does Monetary Poverty Capture All Aspects of Poverty? Results from 120 Countries"

Jed Friedman (World Bank), Francisco Ferreira (World Bank), Maria Ana Lugo (World Bank), Daniel Mahler (World Bank), Minh Cong Nguyen (World Bank) and Dhiraj Sharma (World Bank) [Proposal]

Discussant: TBA

15:15-15:30: Break

15:30-17:30: Parallel Session 2A, 2B

Parallel Session 2A: Intra-household Poverty

Chair: TBA

1. "How Serious is the Neglect of Intra-Household Inequality in Multi-Dimensional Poverty and Inequality Analyses? Theoretical Insights and Evidence from India"

Rahul Lahoti (Azim Premji University) and Stephan Klasen (University of Goettingen) [Proposal]

Discussant: TBA

2. "Identifying Poor Children: Understanding the Differences Between Poverty Approaches"

Romina Safojan (Tilburg University and SPRI) and Anna Dangeot (Tilburg University and SPRI) [Proposal]

Discussant: TBA

3. "Missing Dimensions of Well-being and Respect for Individual Preferences: How Affected is Equivalent Income?"

H. Xavier Jara (University of Essex) and Cesar Amores (Universidad Central del Ecuador) [Proposal]

Discussant: TBA

Parallel Session 2B: Data Methods for Improved Poverty Measurement

Chair: TBA

1. "Nowcasting Poverty Rates in the Developing World"

Daniel Mahler (The World Bank), David Newhouse (The World Bank) and Raul Andres Castaneda Aguilar (The World Bank) [Proposal]

Discussant: TBA

2. "The Spatial Distribution of Poverty in Sri Lanka in 2016"

David Newhouse (The World Bank Group), Ani Silwal (The World Bank Group), Ryan Engstrom (George Washington University) and Adane Bedada (George Washington University) [Proposal]

Discussant: TBA

3. "Using Satellite Data to Guide Urban Poverty Reduction"

Thomas Sohnesen (World Bank/University of Copenhagen), Peter Fisker (Development Economics Research Group, University of Copenhagen) and David Malmgreen-Hansen (Technical University of Denmark) [Proposal]

Discussant: TBA

17:30-18:30: Poster Session

19:00: Conference Dinner - Cosmos Club (2121 Massachusetts Ave NW)


8:30-10:30: Parallel Session 3A, 3B

Parallel Session 3A: Broader Conceptualizations of Poverty Measures

Chair: TBA

1) "Conciliating Absolute and Relative Poverty: Income Poverty Measurement with Two Poverty Lines"

Benoit Decerf (University of Namur) [Proposal]

Discussant: TBA

2) "Multidimensional Poverty: One Aim, Four Approaches, Quite a Few Different Results"

Julia Karpati (Social Policy Research Institute SPRI (Belgium) and Tilburg University (The Netherlands)) and Chris De Neubourg (Social Policy Research Institute SPRI and Tilburg University) [Proposal]

Discussant: TBA

3) "Money is Everything, or is it? Explorations of the Stability of Welfare Inference across Money-metric, Elicited, and Bio-metric Measures of Wellbeing"

Jed Friedman (World Bank), Maria Gabriela Farfan Betran (World Bank), Giovanni Poletti (Cayetano Heredia University), Renos Vakis (World Bank) and Eliana Zeballos (Economics Research Service, USDA) [Proposal]

Discussant: TBA

3) "Assessing Deprivation with Ordinal Variables: Depth Sensitivity and Poverty Aversion"

Suman Seth (University of Leeds) and Gaston Yalonetzky (University of Leeds) [Proposal]

Discussant: TBA

Parallel Session 3B: Monitoring Poverty Over Time: Methods and Tools

Chair: TBA

1. "Income Poverty has been Halved in the Developing World, Even When Accounting for Relative Poverty"

Mery Ferrando (Tilburg University) and Benoit Decerf (University of Namur) [Proposal]

Discussant: TBA

2. "Multidimensional Poverty Reduction in India 2005/6 - 2015/16: Still a Long Way to Go but the Poorest are Catching Up"

Christian Oldiges (University of Oxford) and Sabina Alkire (University of Oxford) [Proposal]

Discussant: TBA

3. "Assessing Individual Poverty Status Using Repeated Cross-Sectional Surveys"

Maria Grazia Pittau (Sapienza University of Rome), Roberto Zelli (Sapienza University of Rome) and Saida Ismailakhunova (World Bank) [Proposal]

Discussant: TBA

4. "Investigating Welfare Dynamics with Repeated Cross Sections: A Copula Approach"

Hai-Anh Dang (World Bank) and Francois Bourguignon [Proposal]

Discussant: TBA

10:30-10:45: Break

10:45-12:15: Plenary Panel on Atkinson Report

12:15-13:30: Lunch

13:30-15:15: Parallel Session 4A, 4B

Parallel 4A: Issues of Poverty Data and the SNA

Chair: TBA

1. "Mind the Gap: Disparities in Assessments of Living Standards Using National Accounts and Surveys"

Espen Prydz (World Bank), Dean Jolliffe (World Bank, IZA) and Umar Serajuddin (World Bank) [Proposal]

2. "Informal Transfers and Taxes in Sub-Saharan Africa: How do they Affect Poverty, Inequality and Fiscal Policies to Reduce These?"

Heiner Salomon (ODI) and Martin Evans (ODI) [Proposal]

Discussant: TBA

3. "Developing Indicators of Poverty and Shared Prosperity Consistent with National Accounts"

Richard Tonkin (Office for National Statistics), Sofiya Stoyanova (Office for National Statistics), Sean White (Office for National Statistics) and Aly Youssef (Office for National Statistics) [Proposal]

Discussant: TBA

4. "Comprehensive Data Quality Studies as a Component of Poverty Assessments"

Mark Brooks (Leibniz University Hannover), Rattiya Lippe (Leibniz University Hannover) and Hermann Waibel (Leibniz University Hannover) [Proposal]

Discussant: TBA

Parallel Session 4B: Inequality, Well-being and Global Poverty

Chair: TBA

1. "The Role of Inequality in Poverty Measurement"

Sabina Alkire (University of Oxford) and James Foster (George Washington University and OPHI, University of Oxford) [Proposal]

Discussant: TBA

2. "How Much Does Reducing Inequality Matter for Global Poverty?"

Daniel Mahler (The World Bank), Christoph Lakner (The World Bank), Mario Negre (German Development Institute) and Espen Prydz (The World Bank) [Proposal]

Discussant: TBA

15:15-15:30: Break

15:30-17:00: Closing Panel: "Global Poverty Measurement: The Way Forward"

Panelists: Chief Economist, World Bank (Invited)

Poster Session Papers

1. "Poverty and Gender in Latin America"

Veronica Amarante (ECLAC United Nations) and Maira Colacce (ECLAC United Nations) [Proposal]

2. "Poverty amongst Women: A Multidimensional Perspective"

Nesha Ramful (Social Policy Research Institute (Belgium) and Tilburg University (Netherlands)) and Chris De Neubourg (Social Policy Research Institute (Belgium) and Tilburg University (Netherlands)) [Proposal]

3. "Understanding Child Deprivation in Indonesia: The Multiple Overlapping Deprivation Analysis (MODA) Approach"

Ayesha Tantriana (BPS Statistics Indonesia) and Sri Rachmad (BPS Statistics Indonesia) [Proposal]

4. "Children's Resources and Poverty in Single-mother and Male-Headed Households: A Collective Consumption Evidence from Ethiopia"

Getachew Belete (Bahir Dar University (Bahir Dar, Ethiopia)) [Proposal]

5. "Assessing Normative Decisions in Poverty Measurement"

Nicolai Suppa (Centre for Demographic Studies, Bellaterra, Barcelona, Spain), Sabina Alkire (OPHI, University of Oxford), Usha Kanagaratnam (OPHI, University of Oxford) and Ricardo Nogales (OPHI, University of Oxford) [Proposal]

6. "Choices in Defining and Estimating Poverty Thresholds: Focus on the U.S. Supplemental Poverty Measure"

Thesia Garner (Bureau of Labor Statistics) and Liana Fox (Census Bureau) [Proposal]

7. "Multilateral and Multidimensional Comparison Techniques for Gleaning New Insights into Differences in the Distributional Structure of Impoverishment Across Many Populations"

Gordon Anderson (University of Toronto) and Ana Monero (University of Western Australia) [Proposal]

8. "Spatial Price Adjustment for Subnational Poverty Measurement"

Shohei Nakamura (World Bank), Nobuo Yoshida (World Bank), Rose Mungai (World Bank), Ayago Wambile (World Bank), Xiaomeng Chen (World Bank) and Thomas Pearson (Boston University) [Proposal]

9. "Poverty in the Developing World Through the Looking Glass: the Global Multidimensional Poverty Index 2018"

Ricardo Nogales (University of Oxford), Sabina Alkire (University of Oxford), Usha Kanagaratnam (University of Oxford) and Nicolai Suppa (University of Barcelona) [Proposal]

10. "Subjective Wealth, Life Satisfaction, and Poverty Adaptation: Evidence from Long-run Russian Panel Data"

Kseniya Abanokova (Higher School of Economics, National Research University, Russia), Hai-Anh H. Dang (World Bank) and Michael M. Lokshin (World Bank) [Proposal]

11. "Reducing Relative Poverty: The Role of Redistribution"

Mario Negre (DIE (German Development Institute)) and Espen Prydz (World Bank) [Proposal]

12. "The Inequality of Extreme Incomes"

Lidia Ceriani (Georgetown University) and Paolo Verme (World Bank) [Proposal]

13. "Poverty Persistence in Low-Income Country Contexts: Evidence from Sub-Saharan African Countries"

Hai-Anh Dang (World Bank) [Proposal]

14. "Using Big Data for Small Areas: An Application in Tanzania"

Takaaki Masaki (The World Bank) and David Newhouse (The World Bank) [Proposal]

15. "Multidimensional Poverty in Ethiopia: Capturing New Health Measures Through Water Quality Measurement"

Harriet Mugera (World Bank) and Alemayehu Ambel (World Bank) [Proposal]

16. "On the Watts Multidimensional Poverty Index with Mixed Data Types and its Application in China"

Guangming Lyu (Beijing Normal University) and Xinxin Cui (Beijing Normal University) [Proposal]

17. "Analysis of Poverty in a Village Level of Indonesia with Small Area Estimation: Case in Bangkalan District"

Qonnita Makrufa (BPS Statistics Indonesia) and Ayesha Tantriana (BPS Statistics Indonesia) [Proposal]

18. "Demographic Change, Poverty and Income Inequality in India"

S Chandrasekhar (Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research) and Karthikeya Naraparaju (Indian Institute of Management Indore) [Proposal]