Call for 2020 Nominations to the IARIW Council

Call for 2020 Nominations to the IARIW Council

The Council of the International Association for Research Income and Wealth (IARIW) is comprised of eight elected members. These members are elected by the membership for four-year staggered terms such that four members begin their term at each biennial general conference. The elected members appoint three persons to serve as co-opted members for a term of two years. In addition, the immediate Past President, remains a member of the Council for a further two years.

The purpose of this notice is to invite the membership to submit nominations for four elected members to the Council for the 2020-2024 period. Nominations to the Council may be made by a minimum of two and a maximum of three members of the Association in good standing (excluding the person who is being nominated). Such nominations should be emailed to the IARIW secretariat at by June 15, 2020. Please include a short biography of the person nominated. Any member of the Association, except the retiring elected Council members and the retiring past President of the Council, is eligible to be nominated. For your information, the current members of the Council are as follows:

Terms expiring at the biennial general conference in 2020

  • Stephen Klasen
  • Gordon Anderson
  • Maria Grazia Pittau
  • Andrew Clark
  • Kevin Fox
  • David Johnson
  • Mary O'Mahony
  • IIya Voskoboynikov (co-opted)
  • Dean Joliffe (co-opted)
  • Ann Lisbet Brathaug (co-opted)

Terms expiring at the biennial general conference in 2022

  • Catherine van Rompaey
  • Sabrina Pabilonia
  • Robert Inklaar
  • Charles Horioka

The current president, Marshall Reinsdorf, will continue as past president for another two years.

Nominations should be emailed to:

Andrew Sharpe
Executive Director
International Association for Research in Income and Wealth

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