International Association for Research in Income and Wealth
IARIW Major Objectives
  • To advance education and knowledge in the general area of income and wealth by organizing conferences, by circulating scholarly papers accessible to the general public through the Association's website, and by publishing a quarterly journal which contains research on economics and statistics.

  • To carry out its said objects and purposes in the following fields of interest: the definition, measurement, and analysis of national income and wealth; the distribution of income and wealth, and poverty; the development of systems of economic and social accounting and their use for economic policy; international comparisons; and other related economic and statistical matters.

Announcements & Recent Releases

  • Based on the members' votes, the IARIW Council has selected 12 sessions for the 36th IARIW General Conference happening in Norway 2020.

  • The Executive Director posted an update of a number of issues related to the Association on August 11, 2018. Past updates are also available.

  • The 35th IARIW General Conference will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark, August 20-25, 2018. Statistics Denmark is responsible for local arrangements and the conference website. Registration is now open. The preliminary conference program as well as the pre-conference training courses outline are also available:
     - Conference Programme.
     - Pre-conference training courses.

  • IARIW-ICRIER Conference on “Experiences and Challenges in Measuring Income, Inequality, and Poverty in South Asia,” took place in Delhi, India, November 23-25, 2017.
     - Conference Programme.
     - Conference Homepage.
     - Conference Photos and Presentations.

  • The IARIW-BOK Special Conference "Beyond GDP: Past Experiences and Future Challenges in the Measurement of Economic Well-Being" took place in Seoul, Korea, April 26-28, 2017. For more detailed conference information, click here.
     - Final Conference Programme.
     - Conference Homepage.
     - Conference Photos.

  • The IARIW organized a session at the International Statistical Institute’s 61st World Statistics Congress in Marrakesh, Morocco July 16-21, 2017. The session, organized by Past IARIW Chair Barbara Fraumeni, was entitled “Human Capital Measurement”.

  • At the 2016 IARIW General Conference the membership voted unanimously for the IARIW to write a letter to a number of appropriate organizations, entities, and governments, urging support for the integrity and independence of official statistics, with particular reference to the case of prosecution of Andreas Georgiou, former head of the Greek national statistical office. The IARIW also donated $10,000 US to the legal defense fund for Mr. Georgiou. For more details on the court proceedings see the documents by Gerry 0’Hanlon and H. Snorrason, former heads of the national statistical offices in Ireland and Iceland respectively.

  • The 34th IARIW General Conference took place in Dresden, Germany on August 21-27, 2016. The final conference programme can be viewed here and includes all papers and presentations by discussants. For more detailed conference information, click here.

  • The articles from the 2014 issues of the Review of Income and Wealth are now available online. This website also includes a complete archive of IARIW publications from 1951 to 2014. The articles can be acccessed free of charge.

  • Several website services are available:
     - Online Payment of Membership Fees;
     - Online Membership Application and Information Update Form. www

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