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20 - 26 AUGUST, 2006

The Nancy and Richard Ruggles Memorial Fund provides a grant for one person to attend the General Conference of the International Association for Research in Income and Wealth (IARIW). The next conference will be held in Joensuu, Finland 20 - 26 August, 2006. The grant will be awarded competitively on the basis of a paper judged by the Trustees of the Fund.

Applicants for the grant should:

  • Submit in PDF format to the Trustees at Garner.Thesia@BLS.gov an unpublished single author original paper on a subject relevant to the interests of the Association. (See the inside front cover page of the Review for the address and a description of the Association's fields of interest or access for website at www.iariw.org). A C.V. should accompany the paper. The deadline for paper submissions is February 15, 2006.
  • Be working, on a permanent basis, in a country outside Western Europe, North America, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Be under 35 years old.

The grant is intended to contribute to the cost of airfare, conference fees and hotel accommodation up to a limit of US $2,500. The successful applicant will be expected to present his, or her, paper at the Conference.

All authors who have submitted papers for the Nancy and Richard Memorial Fund Travel Grant will be notified by E-Mail and in a formal letter by May 1, 2006 regarding the status of their applications.

Authors also are encouraged, but not required, to submit their Travel Grant application papers to the General Conference of the IARIW for consideration in the organized sessions if the topic is relevant to those listed. See announcements in the Review of Income and Wealth or the IARIW website at www.iariw.org.

Garner     Ruggles     Saunders     Wu
Trustees of the Nancy and Richard Ruggles Memorial Fund