The Nancy and Richard Ruggles Memorial Prize


    The Nancy and Richard Ruggles Memorial provides for a Prize for researcher or researchers aged 35 or under. The aim of the Prize is to promote the development of young researchers by recognizing their outstanding scholarship. One Prize will be awarded competitively on the basis of a paper presented at the General Conference of the International Association for Research in Income and Wealth (IARIW) and judged by the Trustees of the Fund. The next Prize will be awarded during the IARIW Conference to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, August 20-25, 2018. Papers can be by a single author or several authors, all of whom must be equal to or less than 35 years of age on February 15, 2018 to be eligible for the Prize. In order to be considered for the next Prize, authors must:

    • By September 30, 2017, submit an abstract for the IARIW 35th General Conference. The abstract must represent unpublished original work that is on a subject relevant to the interests of the IARIW (for the Association's fields of interest go to the website at
    • For authors with abstracts accepted for the 35th General Conference of the IARIW, submit by July 31, 2018 the unpublished original paper associated with the abstract and a Curriculum Vitae (C.V.) for each author and note each author's eligibility in terms of age. E-mail the paper and C.V. to Stephen Klasen at

    The value of the Prize is $2,500 (U.S. dollars) in total, regardless of the number of authors. The successful author or one of the co-authors will be required to attend the IARIW conference to accept the Prize.

    The Nancy and Richard Ruggles Memorial Prize can be held in conjunction with a financial assistance grant for the General IARIW conference. Information on financial assistance is provided at

    All persons who have submitted abstracts to the General Conference will be notified by the end of December 2017 regarding whether their papers have been accepted for the Conference program. The winner or co-winners of the Nancy and Richard Memorial Prize will be notified by August 15, 2018.

    Stephen Klasen (Chair) and Maria Grazia Pittau are the members of the Nancy and Richard Ruggles Memorial Prize committee.

  • 2016 Prize presented to Guido Neidhofer (Free University of Berlin, Germany) for the paper Intergenerational Mobility and the Rise and Fall of Inequality: Lessons from Latin America

  • 2014 Prize presented to Natalie Quinn (University of Oxford, UK) for the paper Chronic and Transient Poverty in Rural Ethiopia: A New Decomposition

  • 2012 Prize presented to Shatakshee Dhongde (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA) for the paper Measuring Segregation of the Poor in India

  • 2010 Prize presented to Indrajit Bairagya (Institute for Social and Economic Change, India) for the paper Liberalization, Informal Sector and Formal-Informal Sectors’ Relationship: A Study of India.

  • 2008 Prize was not presented.

  • 2006 Prize presented to Cecilla Kwok Ying Lam (Department of Economics, The University of Birmingham) for the paper "Estimating Cross-country Technical Efficiency, Economic Performance and Institutions: A Stochastic Production Frontier Approach".

  • 2004 Prize presented to Orsolya Lelkes (Ministry of Finance, Budapest) for the paper "Knowing what is good for you. Empirical analysis of personal preferences and the "objective good”.


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