Draft Program for Virtual Workshop Productivity and Well-being: Measurement and Linkages, November 16-17, 2021

Program as of August 19th
All times are local time (CEST)


Each paper is allocated 45 minutes

Tuesday, November 16, 2-6PM CEST


2:00PM- 4:05PM CEST: Session 1
Session 1: The Productivity-Well-being Relationship

Chair: TBA

  1. “Productivity and Well-being”

Conal Smith Proposal

Discussant: Lars Osberg (Dalhousie University)

  1. “Trust, Deep Trust, Productivity and Well-being (with a case study of the New Zealand paradoxes)” 

Tim Hazledine Proposal

Discussant: TBA

  1. “From Economic Productivity to Productive Well-being”

C.H.DiMaria, C., Peroni and F., Sarracino Proposal

Discussant: TBA

4:05 PM-4:30 PM CEST: Break
4:30 PM-6:00 PM CEST: Session 2


Session 2: The Impact of Well-being on Productivity

Chair: TBA

  1. “The Impact of Subjective Well-being on Economic Productivity: A Sub-national Empirical Analysis in the UK” 

Matthew Agarwala, Diane Coyle, Valentina Di Gennaro and Silvia Ferrini Proposal

Discussant: Paul Schreyer (OECD)

  1. “Productivity Gains from Job Satisfaction in Europe” 

Chiara Peroni and Francesco Sarracino Proposal

Discussant: TBA

Wednesday, November 17, 2-6PM CEST

2:00 PM – 4:05 PM (Wednesday): Session 3
Session 3: New Approached and Metrics in Measuring Productivity and Well-being Linkages

Chair: TBA

  1. “The Productivity-Welfare Linkage: A Statistical Decomposition” 

Nicholas Oulton Proposal

Discussant: Lucy Eldridge (BLS)

  1. “A Measure of Well-being Productivity Based on the World Happiness Report” 

Francesco Sarracino and Kelsey O’Connor Proposal

Discussant: John Helliwell (UBC)

  1. “Time Use and Household-Centric Measurement of Welfare in the Digital Economy”

Diane Coyle and Leonard Nakamura Proposal

Discussant: TBA

4:05 PM – 4:30 PM (Wednesday): Break
4:30 PM – 6:00 PM (Wednesday): Session 4


Session 4: Natural Resources, Human Capital and the Productivity/Well-being Relationship

Chair: TBA

  1. “An Improved Production Model to Estimate Productivity with Lifetime (Adjusted) Hours Human Capital Stocks for the United States, 1976-2013,” 

Barbara M. Fraumeni Proposal

Discussant: Mary O’Mahony (Kings College London) or Wulong Gu (Statistics Canada)

  1. “Resource Exploration as Investment” 

Rachel Soloveich Proposal

Discussant: TBA or Dan Sichel


Additional discussants

Authors of workshop papers

  • Rebecca Riley
  • Robert Gordon
  • Msrttyin Bily
  • John Fernand
  • Nick Bloom
  • Guiseppe Nicoletti
  • Tony Venables


  • Jeff Johnson
  • Dale Jorgenson