History & Accomplishments

The International Association of Research in Income and Wealth was founded in September 1947, in conjunction with a meeting of the International Statistical Institute.

Its organizers were individuals who were actively engaged in national income accounting research or who, in their official or academic positions, had been instrumental in developing the important techniques in national income and national budgeting that had been implemented in a number of countries during World War II and the immediate postwar period.

The Association convened its first general conference in 1949, and thereafter general conferences have been held biennially, except in 1991 when the Association changed its conference schedule to even years. There have, in addition, been 24 regional and special conferences.

The general, regional and special conferences through 1965 produced published volumes of proceedings. Since 1966, the IARIW has published a quarterly journal, The Review of Income and Wealth.

General Conferences Regional and Special Conferences
1949 Cambridge, England 1959 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1951 Royaumont, France 1960 Hong Kong
1953 Castelgandolfo, Italy 1961 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
1955 Hindsgavl, Denmark 1962 Istanbul, Turkey
1957 Arnhem, Netherlands 1974 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1959 Portoroz, Yugoslavia 1978 Manila, Philippines
1961 Tutzing, Germany 1982 Douala, Cameroon
1963 Corfu, Greece 1982 Luxembourg
1965 Lom, Norway 1991 Baden, Austria
1967 Maynooth, Ireland 1993 Canberra, Australia
1969 Natanya, Israel 1996 Tokyo, Japan
1971 Ronneby, Sweden 1998 Delhi, India
1973 Balatonfured, Hungary 2007 Beijing, China
1975 Aulanko, Finland 2009 Kathmandu, Nepal
1977 York, England 2011 Cape Town, South Africa
1979 Portschach, Austria 2011 Paris, France
1981 Gouvieux, France 2013 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1983 Luxembourg 2013 Sydney, Australia
1985 Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands 2015 Paris, France
1987 Rocca di Papa, Italy 2015 Cairo, Egypt
1989 Lahnstein, Germany 2017 Seoul, Korea
1992 Flims, Switzerland 2017 New Delhi, India
1994 St. Andrews, Canada 2019 Moscow, Russia
1996 Lillehammer, Norway 2019 Washington, United States
1998 Cambridge, England 2021 London, England
2000 Cracow, Poland 2022 Arusha, Tanzania
2002 Stockholm, Sweden 2023 Naples, Italy
2004 Cork, Ireland
2006 Joensuu, Finland
2008 Portoroz, Slovenia
2010 St-Gallen, Switzerland
2012 Boston, United States
2014 Rotterdam, Netherlands
2016 Dresden, Germany
2018 Copenhagen, Denmark
2021 (postponed from 2020) Oslo, Norway (virtual)
2022 Luxembourg

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