Information on IARIW Special Conferences



The Association aims to advance its goals by strategically selecting and co-organizing special conferences. A special conference will:

  • provide in-depth coverage of a specific emerging or enduring research area of interest to the membership,
  • cover research areas that need two or three days for adequate consideration, and
  • potentially assist in spreading the IARIW mission to regions where membership is low.

Frequency and Nature

General Conferences are held every two years. In non-General Conference years, the Association organizes special conferences that focus on income and wealth issues in a region or on a particular topic related to income and wealth. Special conferences are typically held over two days, with sometimes an excursion on a third day, and attract 100-150 delegates.

Special conferences are co-organized by an organization in the venue country. This organization is generally a national statistical office but may also be a research institute, a university, or an international organization. For example, IARIW special conferences have been organized in collaboration with ICRIER in India, UNSW in Australia, and the OECD and World Bank.

Special Conference Proposals and the Selection Process

There are two paths for the development of proposals to go forward to Council.

  1. The President may form an advisory committee to identify and encourage proposals that focus on areas of emerging or strategic interest to the Association. An appropriate partner organization will then be sought, and a proposal jointly developed.
  2. Unsolicited proposals may be submitted. Proposals may be submitted at any time. Persons or organizations potentially interested in organizing a special conference should contact IARIW Executive Director Andrew Sharpe at

Proposals should include the following:

  • A title that clearly indicates the specific topic for the conference.
  • Suggested dates.
  • A justification for the need for a special conference on the proposed topic and how it aligns with the goals of the IARIW. (Two page maximum.)
  • Details of the individuals and organization(s) involved.
  • A proposed Local Organizing Committee.
  • Financial and other support available.

Proposals will be vetted by the President and Executive Director before being submitted to Council for consideration. All proposals for special conferences must be approved by the IARIW Council.

Organization and Responsibilities

  • Overview: The IARIW and the local organization are jointly responsible for the special conference, with the Local Organizing Committee responsible for all local arrangements, and the Program Committee responsible for the content of the program.
  • Local Organizing Committee: The suggested size and membership is to be put forward in the conference proposal and finalized in consultation with the IARIW Council. The chair of the Committee will be co-opted onto the Council for a period of two years: one year prior to the conference and the conference year. The Committee is responsible for all local organizational matters and the chair will brief the Council periodically.
  • Program Committee: A committee of three or more appointed by the IARIW Council in consultation with the Chair of the Local Organizing Committee. It will have a designated chair who will preside over the deliberations of the committee. The committee has the responsibility to select papers and organize sessions for the conference.

Fees and charges

Unlike General Conferences, fees are not charged to participants for special conferences. Meals are provided. However, all conference attendees must be or become IARIW members. Delegates are responsible for their own accommodation and transport arrangements. Conference costs are shared between the IARIW and the local organization as agreed to by the IARIW Council and the local organizer.  Financial support may be available for some paper givers based on need.

Paper Selection

A call for papers is issued about one year before the conference. Generally around 25-35 papers are selected for presentation. The Program Committee is responsible for selection of the papers.

Review of Income and Wealth

The Review is the flagship academic journal of the IARIW. A special issue based on the Conference theme may be published after the conclusion of the conference. Rules and procedures governing special issues of the Review of Income and Wealth are set out in a separate document.

Further Information

Information on the twelve IARIW special conferences that have taken place between 2007 and 2019 is available at

Contact: IARIW Executive Director Andrew Sharpe (