Style Sheet for Contributors

TYPING: Manusctipts should be typed either in LaTex or in Word and should be submitted in PDF.

TITLE PAGE: The title page of your paper must include title, author’s name, institutional affiliation. This should be followed by:

  • an abstract of not more than 150 words;
  • up to three Journal of Economic Literature subject codes;
  • up to five keywords

REFERENCES: Type references at the end of the paper, arranged alphabetically by author. Authors’ last name should be given first, followed by the first name and middle name or initial, as appropriate. Several works by the same author should appear chronologically, substituting a solid line for the author’s name after the first entry. For more than one work by the same author for the same year, place a, b, c etc., after the year of publication.
Some examples:

Bombach, G., Post-War Economic Growth Revisited, North-Holland,
Amsterdam, 1985.

Shorrocks, A. P., “U.K. Wealth Distribution: Current Evidence and Future
Prospects,” in E. N. Wolff, ed., International Comparisons of the
Distribution of Household Wealth
, 29 – 50, Oxford University Press,
New York, 1987.

Summers, R. and A. Heston, “A New Set of International
Comparisons of Real Product and Prices: Estimates for 130
Countries, 1950 – 85,” The Review of Income and Wealth,
Series 34, 1 – 26, March 1988.

The author-date citation in the text should be used with the reference list at the end of the paper. Use the following form for this system: (Shorrocks, 1987); (Bombach, 1985, Summers and Heston, 1988). Be sure that all cited works appear in the reference list and do not include in the reference list articles you do not cite in the text.

TABLES: Prepare tables on pages separate from the text and place at the end of the paper. Indicate preferred placement in the text by writing “place table X here.” Number tables consecutively. Place the table number and the title above the table. If the table runs to more than one page, label the following pages “continued” with the table number. Give the source and any explanatory information in the footnotes in the table. Type table footnotes beneath the table or on a separate page if they do not fit below the table. Do not mix table footnotes with text notes.

FIGURES: Prepare figures on pages separate from the text and indicate preferred placement of the illustrations by writing “place figure X here.” Number figures consecutively.

ABBREVIATIONS: Abbreviations should be defined at first mention and used consistently thereafter.