Ann Lisbet Brathaug

Ms. Brathaug has been working in Statistics Norway since 1978, mainly with tasks related to National Accounts. In the period 1998-2003 she was Head of Division for Health Statistics, and since September 2003 she has been Head of Division for National Accounts. Brathaug has been involved in international work both as participant and chair for Task Forces in Eurostat, and most recently, as contributor to the UNECE, OECD and Eurostat guidebook ‘The Impact of Globalisation on National Accounts.’ She is also involved in the follow up of this guidebook as member of the expert group on Global Production. Brathaug is a member of the OECD National Accounts Working Party’s Bureau and a member of the UNECE’s Regional Steering group for the implementation of 2008 SNA.

Brathaug has a long experience in cooperation with transition and developing countries, and has also had several assignments with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), both to Africa and Middle East. Brathaug has participated, and is still involved, in several official committees appointed by the Norwegian government (Ministries).