IARIW-TNBS Conference on “Measuring Income, Wealth and Well-being in Africa”, Arusha, Tanzania, November 11-13, 2022



On November 11-13, 2022, the IARIW, in partnership with the Tanzania National Bureau of Statistics (TNBS), will be hosting a special conference on “Measuring Income, Wealth and Well-being in Africa” in Arusha, Tanzania. The objective of this special IARIW-TNBS conference will be to advance our understanding of issues related to measuring national accounts, prices, productivity, income and wealth distribution, poverty, and, economic well-being in the countries of Africa through an examination of past experiences related to the measurement of trends in these variables and the identification of future measurement challenges. The Preliminary Conference Program is available here and the background information is available here.

The conference has been expanded with two additional Covid-19-related sessions.

1) The Impacts of the Covid19 Pandemic on Income, Wealth and Inequality in Africa

2) Necessity as the Mother of Invention – Advances in Data Capture and Measurement of Income, Wealth and Inequality in Pandemic Times

Persons interested in presenting a paper in these sessions can find the form here. The submission deadline for proposals is June 30, 2022 with decisions by July 31.

Selected papers from the conference will be published in a supplementary issue of the Review of Income and Wealth.

Members of the Program Committee

Lars Osberg (Committee Chair)
Department of Economics
Dalhousie University
Halifax, Canada

Rabah Arezki
Chief Economist (effective October 1, 2020)
African Development Bank
Abidjan, Ivory Coast
(until September 30, 2020 World Bank Chief Economist for the Middle East and North Africa)

Oliver Chinganya
Director, African Centre for Statistics
UN Economic Commission for Africa
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Dean Joliffe
Lead Economist on Global Poverty
Development Data Group
World Bank
Washington DC

Donald Mmari
Executive Director
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Joseph Semboja
Senior Fellow, former CEO
UOGOZI Institute
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Gabriel Simbila
Principal Statistician
Tanzania National Bureau of Statistics
Dodoma, Tanzania

Ingrid Woolard
Dean, Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences
University of Stellenbosch
Stellenbosch, South Africa