IARIW-UNSW Conference on Productivity: Measurement, Drivers and Trends, Sydney, Australia, November 26-27, 2013

Programme (as of November 25, 2013)

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8:30 — Tea and coffee

9:00 — Opening remarks:

    Barbara Fraumeni (IARIW Chair) and Denise Doiron (Head, School of Economics, UNSW)

9:15 — Invited Opening Address:

Chair: Denise Doiron (UNSW)

    • Philip Lowe (Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of Australia),

“Productivity and Infrastructure”

10:00 — Session 1: Perspectives on International Productivity Performance

Chair: Geoff Lewis (New Zealand Productivity Commission)

    • 1. Bart van Ark (The Conference Board and University of Groningen), Vivian Chen (The Conference Board), Bert Colijn (The Conference Board), Kirsten Jaeger (The Conference Board), Wim Overmeer (The Conference Board), and Marcel Timmer (University of Groningen),

“Recent Changes in Europe’s Competitive Landscape and Medium-Term Perspectives: How the Sources of Demand and Supply Are Shaping Up” [Abstract]

Discussant: Paul Schreyer (OECD)

11:00 — Break

11:30 — Session 2: Parallel Sessions

Session 2A: Country Productivity Studies: China

Chair: Shiji Zhao (Australian Productivity Commission)

    • 1. Linlin Sun (Beihang University), Ruoen Ren (Beihang University), Xiaoqin Li (The Conference Board), Leona Li (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) and Maoqin Fan (Central University of Finance and Economics),

“Productivity Growth in China: Industrial and Aggregate Measures, Drivers and International Comparisons in Asia” [Abstract]

Discussant: Hui Wei (Australian Bureau of Statistics)

Discussant: Prasada Rao (University of Queensland)

Session 2B: R&D and Innovation

Chair: Bruce Grey (Managing Director, Advanced Manufacturing CRC)

Discussant: Wulong Gu (Statistics Canada)

Discussant: Jonathan Haskel (Imperial College Business School)

12:30 — Lunch

1:30 — Featured Speaker

Chair: Kevin Fox (UNSW)

2:15 — Session 3: The Measurement of R&D and Intangibles

Chair: Dean Parham (University of Adelaide)

Discussant: Daniel Sichel (Wellesley College)

Discussant: Marshall Reinsdorf (Bureau of Economic Analysis)

3:15 — Break

3:45 — Session 4: Parallel Sessions

Session 4A: EUKLEMS and World KLEMS Studies

Chair: Sri Hartini Rachmad (Statistics Indonesia)

Discussant: Bart van Ark (Conference Board)

Discussant: Elisabetta Magnani (UNSW)

Discussant: Emili Tortosa-Ausina (Universitat Jaume I, Spain)

Session 4B: ICT Productivity and Capital Services

Chair: John Bell (Senior Associate, ACIL Allen Consulting)

Discussant: Robert Hill (University of Graz)

Discussant: Dennis Fixler (Bureau of Economic Analysis)

Discussant: Jan de Haan (Statistics Netherlands and Delft University of Technology)

6:00 — Cocktail reception

6:30 — Conference dinner

Guest Speaker: Fred Hilmer (President and Vice Chancellor, UNSW),“The Red Tape Challenge – From Meat Axe to Scalpels”


8:30 — Tea and coffee

9:15 — Featured Speaker:

Chair: Dennis Fixler (Bureau of Economic Analysis)

10:00 — Session 5: Natural Resources and Agriculture

Chair: Daniel Bunting (NSW Treasury)

Discussant: Erwin Diewert (UBC and UNSW)

Discussant: Chris O’Donnell (University of Queensland)

11:00 — Break

11:30 — Session 6: Parallel Sessions

Session 6A: Country Productivity Studies: Canada

Chair: Alan Woodland (UNSW)

Discussant: Andrew Sharpe (IARIW and Centre for the Study of Living Standards)

Session 6B: Productivity and Efficiency Analysis

Chair: Dean Parham (University of Adelaide)

Discussant: William Schworm (UNSW)

Discussant: Antonio Peyrache (University of Queensland)

12:30 — Lunch

1:30 Session 7: Parallel Sessions

Session 7A: Country Productivity Studies

Chair: Mahmoud Mohamed El-Sarawy (Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics, Egypt)

Discussant: Denis Lawrence (Economic Insights)

Discussant: Amani Elnasri (UNSW)

Discussant: Harry Wu (Hitotsubashi University)

Session 7B: ICT and Productivity

Chair: Hodaka Morita (UNSW)

Discussant: Beth Webster (University of Melbourne)

Discussant: Barbara Fraumeni (University of Southern Maine)

      • 3. Michael Polder (Statistics Netherlands), Hugo de Bondt (Statistics Netherlands), George van Leeuwen (Statistics Netherlands) and Erik Veldhuizen (Statistics Netherlands),

    “Determinants of Productivity” [Abstract]

Discussant: Nicholas Oulton (LSE)

3:00 — Break

3:30 — Featured Speaker:

Chair: Paul Schreyer (OECD)

4:15 — Panel Discussion: Priorities and Directions for Future Productivity Research

Chair: Andrew Sharpe (IARIW and Centre for the Study of Living Standards)


    Dennis Fixler (Bureau of Economic Analysis)
    Barbara Fraumeni (University of Southern Maine)
    Paul Schreyer (OECD)
    Dan Sichel (Wellesley College)
    Bart van Ark (The Conference Board)

5:15 — End of conference